"Lindera Farms Vinegars are among the most complex and interesting vinegars I’ve tried" - Ruth Reichl

Lindera Farms Vinegars

Lindera Farms Vinegars are artisan vinegars made with sustainable ingredients sourced out of Virginia that are an incredibly high quality.  This makes for a versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind. This is not your average vinegar.

The process for making the vinegar is a combination of traditional wine-making practices, and modern culinary techniques. First, we do everything ourselves, we turn the berries, flowers and honey into wine, and then convert that into vinegar, we don’t just add alcohol to a finished juice, nor do we blend ingredients into a finished vinegar. After allowing the vinegar to age enough for the acids to soften (not a common practice with the bulk vinegars most of us are used to), we add an extract that we make with the fresh fruit from the beginning of the process to reinforce the original, bright flavors.

One hundred percent of the process is done by us, giving the vinegars a much richer aroma, a more diverse palate, and a sweeter finish. The resulting product is extremely versatile; and can be used as a finishing vinegar, for seasoning, vinaigrettes, gastriques, cocktails, shrubs, as a drinking vinegar, and many people actually enjoy it straight!

Vinegar may not be the first thing you might be thinking of when you want to buy local, or even when you think of something delicious. But if you support local food, sustainable and responsible agriculture, or if you really just want something tasty, give us a shot; we’ll blow your minds.