Crab Apple Verjus

Flavor Profile: High acidity, low sweetness
Tasting Notes: Fruity and reminiscent of fresh apples, apple blossoms, honey, caramel, and cider.
Kitchen Pairings: Think “High-End Apple Cider Vinegar,” roasted root veggies and brassicas (beets, Brussel sprouts, etc), squash, onions, meat, game, poultry, fish. Basically anything.
Bar Pairings: Bourbon, Scotch, Tennessee Whiskey, Tequila, Mezcal.


The Idea: Crab apples are a largely disregarded fruit in the US. After we began mass cultivating hybridized apples, Crab Apples, understandably, fell by the wayside. While today they're largely viewed as ornamental; different varieties of crab apples have incredible flavor, acidity, and aroma that simply don't exist in their industrial counterparts. 

We began growing several different native breeds of Crab Apples on the farm, and year to year we make a hard cider with them which ultimately becomes a vinegar, which is then blended with the next years batch of fresh, highly acidic crab apple juice.  The result is much more dynamic than a typical apple cider vinegar - maintaining all the vibrant flavors you’d expect from a freshly picked apple, as well as the deep, yeasty, fermented flavors you'd get with a hard cider; a bright, crisp acidity that puts normal apple cider vinegars to shame.

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