Honey Reserve

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, high sweetness

Tasting Notes: Sweet, syrupy, floral and buttery with woody notes underscoring the intense honey flavor.

Kitchen Pairings: Drizzle on literally anything (that you intend to eat)

Bar Pairings: Given the prominence of the honey it's an excellent pairing with bourbon, whiskey, mezcal, tequila, vodka, the list goes on and on.

The Idea: One of our very first vinegars was our Honey Vinegar, and over the years we've had opportunities to play around with ways to intensify it as a product, this is the result of that experimentation. The goal was to make a vinegar that approximated some of rich, syrupy texture of a honey, but with the acidity and complexity you would expect of one of our vinegars. 

We put the honey vinegar through a 
cryo-concentration process; freezing the batch and thawing out the most intense components of the vinegar and distilling them into the over-the-top vinegar you're seeing. To mellow it slightly and add an additional layer of depth, we aged it on a combination of French and new American oak to give a decidedly buttery, bourbon-y flavor and texture to the batch.

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