Red & White Miso Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, no sweetness 
Tasting Notes: Incredibly savory with a rich, buttery flavor full of umami. 
Kitchen Pairings: This vinegar makes a great addition to sauces and vinaigrettes. 
About our miso vinegar: 
Around when we began working on soy sauce, I began to take an interest in making misos, red and white. Bringing in soy, rice, and barley from Next Step Produce in Newburg, Maryland, it made sense to see how much we could make with it. As time passed, the miso kept getting better and better, but it never really made sense for us as a product because how were we going to start shipping miso across the country?  

We took to just making it for our personal use and for friends and colleagues, until at one point it occurred that, well, we make vinegar, and it would be pretty cool if we could translate those flavors of the misos into a vinegar. We started by using our Black Soy and Chesapeake Rice Vinegars as a base, along with wildflower honey for additional fermentable sugars and wild yeast, and began brewing our whole batch of miso into a vinegar. 

The result flavor-wise has been pretty wild and one of my favorite vinegars yet. The grains and rice come through exceptionally well with beer and cereal being the dominant flavors, but the vinegar also has a lot of umami, with a butteriness rounding it all out.

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