WSJ+ Collection

Our Collection of products exclusively for WSJ+ Members features a set of products encompassing our pantry goods, including ultra-small batch Reserve vinegars, some of our fan favorite staple vinegars, year-long fermented hot sauces, artisanal finishing salts, ice-filtered syrups, and more!
This exclusive collection  includes:
    • A 200ml bottle of Reserve Elderberry Vinegar, a syrupy, ice filtered vinegar made from our 2 year old elderflower vinegar and elderberries, aged for a year and finished with elderberries from just this year.
    • A 100 ml bottle of Magnolia Vinegar, the 2018 Garden and Gun Made In The South Award Runner Up, perfect for pastries, salads, and cocktails
    • A 100ml bottle of Ramp Vinegar, the best selling vinegar at Lindera Farms, a garlicky, savory vinegar that can be used anywhere in a kitchen.
    • A 100 ml bottle of Scotch Bonnet and Aji Dulce hot sauce; a balanced aromatic table hot sauce you’ll want to put on just about everything
    • A 100 ml bottle of Raspberry and Wild Rose Ice Filtered Shrub; a quick addition to sparkling water creates an easy mocktail, and it makes an excellent pair to all things pastry
    • One ounce each of Heirloom Pepper and Ramp Salts; rich, savory and bold finishing salts made from a combination of vinegars, hot sauces, and J.Q.Dickinsons mined salt from West Virginia. Explosively flavored finishing salts that give incredible depth wherever they’re added.

    Additionally, all WSJ+ Collection purchases include a $20.00 discount code on a future purchase should you decide you’d like more of anything you enjoy.

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