Bitter Lemon Vinegar

This tart, refreshing vinegar is made with heaps of organic lemon peels, pith, and juice for a deceptively complex brew that tastes like a jaunt through a citrus orchard. If you enjoy tonic water but wish it were less sweet, a dash of this vinegar works wonderfully. 

Flavor Profile: High acidity, medium-low sweetness.
Tasting Notes: Notes of Meyer lemon, satsuma orange, and pine. 
Kitchen Pairings: It’s a natural choice for a vinaigrette, too, and for seasoning steamed fish, white beans, and hearty greens like collards and broccoli rabe. 
Bar Pairings: We love it in a highball—vodka, gin, white rum, and even white port.
Bitter Lemons, Wildflower Honey, Water

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