Blackberry Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, low sweetness
Tasting Notes: Fruity/Earthy, notes of blackberries, banana, limestone, shale. 
Kitchen Pairings: Bitter greens (endive, romaine, raddichio, etc), salad greens (romaine, Boston lettuce, etc), root veggies (beets, rutabaga), berries, red meat/game, sorbet/ice cream, pie filling.
Bar Pairings: Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka. Works as a good substitute for lemon/lime juice.
Blackberries, Honey, Water, Yeast


Our Blackberry vinegar offers a flavorful swap for red wine vinegar. Looking for inspiration? Visit our recipe page for creative uses of this variety in the kitchen and behind the bar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for summer salads

Always in my pantry.


Love the smoothness and delicate taste when I mix it with apple juice

Borden Barrows
A truly excellent product

Rarely do you find a kitchen staple that's far better than the competition. Lindera Farms vinegars are exactly that. I always have three or four varieties in the pantry, and a couple on the counter. Whether you're making a simple salad dressing with Magnolia, or adding a splash of Applejack as the secret weapon to your butternut squash soup, you should never be without Lindara Farms in your Kitchen.

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