Ramp Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, savory.
Tasting Notes: Super savory - notes of garlic, ramp, leek, onion, pickled jalapeño, masa (cornmeal), sour cream. 
Kitchen Pairings: This is a vastly complex, medium acidity vinegar with garlicky notes, so think of it as a substitute anywhere you might use lemon and garlic in a dish.
Bar Pairings: Makes a good addition to Bloody Mary’s, Martini’s, Gibsons, and more savory cocktails.

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About Our Ramp Vinegar:

This is a vinegar born out of sustainable foraging. While most foragers will still uproot the entire plant, we only utilize the leaves, removing them carefully with a box cutter at peak season to ensure we need as few as possible. By picking later in the season, we also give the plants as much time as possible to begin to flower, at which point they naturally shed their leaves regardless. This process ensures that this delicate spring ephemeral will be available for seasons to come.

We take the leaves and begin to ferment them into a Meade, and simultaneously ferment some malolactically (think sauerkraut), so the finished vinegar will actually be triple fermented. Taking multiple approaches to the fermentations gives a greater level of complexity and helps reinforce the natural garlicky flavors of the vinegar. The overall vinegar is really robust and lends itself well to all things savory. If you’re looking for a way to use it, just think of it like lemon & garlic, you can use it anywhere!


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