Blue Ridge Elixir Drinking Vinegar

Blue Ridge Elixir is our newest drinking vinegar, and lies especially close to our hearts. Growing up in Virginia, Daniel has always been taken with native ingredients that summoned surprising tropical flavors, including paw paws, persimmons, and fig leaves. After many hours foraging in the woods, and even more tinkering in our barn, we’ve combined these local fruits and herbs into a drinkable potion that’s tiki by way of Appalachia.

There’s notes of banana, mango, coconut, passionfruit, and cinnamon in this brew, along with an herbaceous punch of perilla leaf and opal basil. We think it’s a unique and inspiring way to get a taste of our home.

Mix 1 part Blue Ridge Elixir with 3 to 4 parts club soda for a sparkling probiotic tonic that’s naturally low in sugar but big on complex tropical sweetness. While we made this vinegar for drinking, we’ve been pleased to find it’s also a versatile cooking vinegar. Use it as the base for a dipping sauce for spring rolls, sprinkle over noodles as a finishing ingredient, and glaze it on grilled chicken. The sweet-floral-herbaceous vibes complement all sorts of fried food, too.

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