Ramp and Green Chile Hot Sauce

Medium Heat

Tasting Notes: Fruity, garlicky, sour, and earthy, with notes of mango, passion fruit, leek, garlic, onion, and of course the peppers themselves. 

Usage: This is a great cooking hot sauce, adding a ton of flavor to just about anything.  This will contribute a good amount of heat but the flavor profile is complex enough to fit anywhere you would add garlic and chiles.

Lindera Farms Vinegars (Gardener, Ramp), Ramps, Heirloom Peppers, Salt

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About Our Ramp Hot Sauce:

This is one of our favorite—though most labor-intensive—products to make each year as it’s actually a multi-year project! We start by foraging our own ramp greens each year, being careful to work with just the leaves, removing them with a sharp knife or box cutter to ensure the plant can heal more effectively, and that the bulb stays in the ground and grows back each year.

We juice the ramp’s greens, reserving some of the juice while fermenting the rest with wildflower honey to brew mead and then vinegar whilst salt curing the greens themselves (like sauerkraut) before pickling them with the previous year’s vinegar.

The greens are allowed to ferment until green chile season begins in the late summer, when we salt and ferment those before blending them in with the greens and the vinegar.

Finally, we blend in some reserved, frozen ramp juice from earlier in the year, giving it a restorative green shade and a wonderfully garlicky, herbaceous flavor.

It’s a ton of work, but the payoff is great as the hot sauce is all at once very assertive, but hugely versatile and can be used as an everyday hot sauce or something you can throw into marinades, vinaigrettes, basting sauces, and more. It does very well with pork, poultry, grilled fish, roasted veggies—really almost anything!

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Lovely flavor!

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