Spiced Honey Drinking Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Medium acidity, medium-low sweetness

Tasting Notes: Just a touch sweet, with dominant notes of honey, cider, and maple, accented by juniper, spicebush, bay leaf, with hints of cinnamon and squash

Kitchen Pairings: a perfect all-purpose vinegar you can use anywhere. It does especially well in salads, in marinades, as a finish to sauces, and even works perfectly with pastry!

Bar Pairings: this is highly versatile but very much driven by honey and maple notes so it is a natural pairing for bourbon, whisky and scotch, and the juniper makes it a natural pairing for gin as well. It also does well in a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages thanks to its depth.

The Idea: This vinegar that highlights the fermentation process with not just one, but two vinegars being brewed to make the finished vinegar, but also to utilize native spices we forage from our property, to make an incredibly complex yet highly versatile vinegar.

We start by foraging wild allspice, magnolia, juniper berries, and candy cap mushroom, and drying them in preparation for the vinegar. We then mix them in with wildflower honey to make a spiced Meade, while also brewing a cider, using crab apples from the farm as well as from Glaize Orchards of Winchester, VA at the same time. The two batches are combined then more spices are added as they acetify into a vinegar. To finish, more spices are steeped in the mix along with some additional wildflower honey to reinforce those sweeter flavors and round out the palette.


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