Virginia Truffle Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Medium-high acidity, medium-low sweetness, savory.

Tasting Notes: Truffle, honey, apple, applewood, rice. Earthy with sweet, sour, and savory overtones.

Kitchen Pairings: Excellent as a dressing in and of itself; complex and balanced enough to be used just about anywhere. Great with bitter greens and chicories like Endive or Frisee.

Bar Pairings: Beautiful in a truffle martini, or just a martini. Works well in most savory cocktails.

Ingredients: Virginia Black Truffles, Wildflower Honey, Organic Apples, Water

The Idea: Virginia Truffles are a new development; far earthier and yeastier than their European counterparts though with that same distinct truffle aroma. These truffles are blended with our honey vinegar and apple cider vinegar along with wildflower honey right after they're dug to maximize the aroma retained by the vinegar.  The result maintains the lingering aroma of the truffles, but also highlights their complex blend of earthy, sweet and wood-driven notes as well. 

Our Virginia Truffle Vinegar is sold exclusively in 4oz bottles

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